Jamie Kidson


Designer, Co-Owner of Atomic Garden

Oakland Coffee is all about kick starting your day. What is your morning boot up sequence?

My morning boot up begins the night before :) I set up the coffee machine with ground Atomic Garden Oakland Coffee beans so that in the morning only a button needs to be pushed. This starts my day off perfectly.

What’s off the table prior to drinking coffee?

It's unsaid language in our house… nothing is spoken before coffee happens.

What’s your coffee order / how do you take it?

I like a darker roast- smooth- with just a little half & half- or with steamed oat milk

What’s your coffee brewing set up? (Give us a rig rundown)

I have a Technivorm “pour over" that was gifted to me- I worship that machine. We also have a Profitec German/Italian espresso machine that is a work of art - it’s its our cortado and chai go to.

Sunset or sunrise?

Definitely sunrise….. We are up at 5am!

Are you reading, listening or watching anything interesting?

Just finished a General Public listening binge….. I loved that band— and then just started listening to Typhoon- I’m all over the place musically ;)

I’m reading Underland by Robert MacFarlane- I have had a hard time reading for some reason since Covid started—But I'm getting back into it…. and I’m also trying to keep up with endless back logged issues of the New Yorker… We have also been watching "Call My Agent" on Netflix- It’s so well done!

What inspires you?

My kids. They are both pursuing careers in healthcare and have stayed the course even through this past year.

Any new habits or hobbies?

I’m not sure I have adopted a new hobby or habit- but my newest endeavor is having an ADU built in my backyard- It has been all encompassing- but so exciting watching a house be built from the ground up!

Where were you born?

I was born in Los Angeles… I grew up in Santa Monica.

Has your coffee routine changed throughout your life?

My coffee routine has been pretty consistent. Although now I can’t drink it past 12 noon or I don’t sleep ;)

One breakfast food you can’t live without?

Toast. I have a routine with my dogs… They love it well toasted and buttered- so we share a piece every morning :)

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

"You are the sky…. everything else is the weather"- I go back to this all of the time- most problems are just visiting- It helps me remember to be more expansive in my thinking.

Hot or cold shower?

Both! ….But for different reasons….hahaha

If you could have coffee with one person dead AND alive who would they be?

I would love to have coffee with my great grandmother who I never met. I feel such an attunement with her… She was an actress and completely eccentric. She never married and had 3 kids with different men. She raised them on her own and they all ended up having amazing careers in film and music. She also helped to found Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles-

The person alive I would love to have coffee with is Amanda Gorman. She is our future :)

What do you have coming up that you're most looking forward to?

I’m going to Todos Santos in Mexico - Its actually a REAL vacation!!

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