Emily Nielsen


Creator, Founder of Punk Rock & Paintbrushes

Oakland Coffee is all about kick starting your day. What is your morning boot up sequence?

Start my morning by my cat kissing my face and snuggling me…pretending he loves me. He just wants to be fed.

What’s off the table prior to drinking coffee?


What’s your coffee order / how do you take it?

Black on black.

What’s your coffee brewing set up? (Give us a rig rundown)

I have a wonderful espresso machine which I start up and take 2 shots before I function. Then I have my SUPER fancy coffee machine I luckily found at my local Target… did I mention I am fancy? I grind my Oakland Coffee beans and brew it up then my day starts.

Sunset or sunrise?

Sunrise for sure! When I drink my coffee and the sun comes up… my day starts. I usually am sleeping before sunset. Or surfing. One or the other.

Are you reading, listening or watching anything interesting?

YES! I love reading and I collect books. Apparently I publish books too now. I have never owned a television before. Right now I am reading the autobiography on Bruce Springsteen and WOW he is quite amazing!!

What inspires you?

Punk rock music, surfing and amazing people in my life and amazing human. People that chase their dreams no matter how wild they seem…. Inspire me constantly.

Any new habits or hobbies?

Since the pandemic I adopted Chestnut the Cat so I have a lot of new hobbies. I like to pet him, talk to him, comb his hair, style him with bowties, play with his tail, read bedtime stories to him, take him on walks and hopefully this summer I can teach him how to surf.

Where were you born?

San Francisco! Geary Street to be exact. I am unsure of the room number at Kaiser but I can ask my Mom. I think my Dad fainted when I was born so he won’t know.

Has your coffee routine changed throughout your life?

I used to drink fancy weird lattesmochachinofrappamamalatamilk and now I drink black coffee and espresso. I blame my trip to Cuba on this.

One breakfast food you can’t live without?

Oakland Coffee… that’s food right?

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“The idea is not to live forever… but to create something that will”

Hot or cold shower?

HOT. Like my coffee and my man.

If you could have coffee with one person dead AND alive who would they be?

ET (is he dead or did he just go back home?) and Richard Branson!

What do you have coming up that you're most looking forward to?

Surfing with my cat this summer.

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