Christine Jones


Tony-Award Winning Set Designer

1. Oakland Coffee is all about kick starting your day. What is your morning boot up sequence?

Journal and Meditation- then Coffee!

2. What’s off the table prior to drinking coffee?

Emails if at all possible!

3. What’s your coffee order/ how do you take it?

Pour over, strong, with half and half or days I am intermittent fasting - Bullet with butter, coconut oil and cinnamon!

4. What’s your coffee brewing set up? (Give us a rig rundown)

Super simple/ grinder / tea kettle / ceramic cone / paper filter.

5. Sunset or Sunrise?

Sunrise but I wish I could get my ass out of bed to see more of them. I need to try coffee at 5:30 am.

6. Are you reading, listening or watching anything interesting?

I’m loving Stephen Colbert through whole pandemic and election! Reading Citizen By Claudia Rankin.

7. What inspires you?

The sun rising out my window- the hope that I can make… love- whether i am working, parenting or teaching ....

8. Any new habits or hobbies?

I’ve made a ridiculous amount of chocolate chip cookies

9. Has your coffee routine changed throughout your life?

Yes! I used to all about the latte- now, not so much- now and then- and I drink decaf a lot more often and love it as much as full caffeine!

10. One breakfast food you can’t live without?

Soft boiled egg!

11. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Remember, this too shall pass.

12. Hot or Cold Shower?


13. If you could have coffee with one person dead AND alive who would they be?

Someone I never met who’s alive: Sofia Coppola!

14. What do you have coming up that you're most looking forward to?

Seeing all the people I haven’t seen this year. I feeling like joy crying every time I imagine it- it feels like we are in the cusp and that this will be possible and that cracks my heart open.

Never Run Out of Our Damn Good Coffee