Candice Lambert-McAndrews


Celebrity Stylist and Costume Designer

1. Oakland Coffee is all about kick starting your day. What is your morning boot up sequence?

I wake up and the first thing I do is make a cup of coffee. I have at least one cup...then I work out. Then, I have another.

2. What’s off the table prior to drinking coffee?

Brushing my teeth.

3. What’s your coffee order/ how do you take it?

Almond milk latte. EXTRA Hot! I hate cold coffee.

4. What’s your coffee brewing set up? (Give us a rig rundown)

I have 2. A Nespresso and a Keurig. I also have a frother for my milk/cream.

5. Sunset or Sunrise?


6. Are you reading, listening or watching anything interesting?

It’s a Sin and Mare of Eastown.

7. What inspires you?


8. Any new habits or hobbies?

Being a Mom of two...haha

9. Where were you born?

San Antonio, TX.

10. Has your coffee routine changed throughout your life?

Yes, I am a bit snobby about it now. Being in the drank what you could get your hands on. Not the best at times. ;)

11. One breakfast food you can’t live without?


12. Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Enjoy the present. The older you get the faster it goes.

13. Hot or Cold Shower?


14. If you could have coffee with one person dead AND alive who would they be?

My Mother and My Father

15. What do you have coming up that you're most looking forward to?

Traveling and life being back to its fullest.

Never Run Out of Our Damn Good Coffee